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Ω        Heart - Earth - Aethre - Thera - The Ra

        This site shows all the self evident codes to find Peace and Fearlessness

The Ω symbol is the 24th letter in the Greek alphabet, the Omega symbol is typically used to denote the end of something, or the ultimate limit of it.

It also symbolizes something great. Or the end of an increment of great development. This increment could be the universe, the planet, a country or even an individual.

We put it together! We found Comfort.

With Creation, Ourselves and the World.

by Kevin Gilbert 5.4.2021 ~ May the Fourth be with You!

Nina and I recently got comfortable with Creation, What, Who, Why We Are. We lived together as search partners and often times, combatants, for 36 years. It concluded with falling deeply in love and getting enough answers to our questions to handle the rest of 'our ride' with total peace and fearlessness. These pages aim to share our personal story and what we found.

Each section of this site is being published as a series and we hope to grow this into a discussion with many. No God needed. No atheism either. We do know there is a Source of or Power to Life. We call it the Fourth or the Invisible Force. We feel that Humanity has inadvertently placed our battles between THREE entities,  'God', 'Satan' and Ourselves. History shows us that religion, government, laws and the basics of how we treat each other are based on Christianity. So this concept is very well set into our thinking.

We feel we have identified the 'correct' THREE (and they are not battling) inside us and it is not You, God and Satan. This will be revealed later in the series.

For sure we see the Animal Kingdom and Humanity have many personalities and individuals but at the same time each species can appear as one 'version' that gets duplicated. With variations the one 'version' could play many roles or individuals. We try to solve this riddle in the series conclusion.

We will answer these questions: How can Covid help Humanity? Our personal Covid Love Story helped us see this and we allow the reader to see inside our 3 years learning in an "end of the world cult" and the aftermath of many lives being upended.

Why is Covid here and Why Now? What does personal accountability to one's bodily and mental health have to do with Covid and 'getting comfortable in your Life'? Is Covid good or bad?

Back in the 1960's, s a child, (born 1960) I often pondered, why did all the grown ups declare they were grown ups but behave in the most childish ways. I raged against this antithetical arrangement everyday for 61 years. The last 36 years partnered with Nina, who after living together and studying our world together, fell in love.

We finally accepted after long study in 2021, that indeed, ourselves and humanity in it's present state thinks and behaves like children in many, many ways far into adulthood and even throughout science, politics, art and philosophy. Many pieces of stories and business are left 'undone' or incomplete.

Many fantasies and make-believe are entertained as 'possibly real'. This overload of unfinished business leads to miscommunication and misinformation. Many priorities are misplaced. Communities left to rot from overload of individualism. Looking at this from above, it is a child like method of thriving in a group.

We developed a mix of 1) all that has been written or said about society and 2) personal interpretations, with the objective being solid answers on Life, Creation, What we are, Why we are, Where we are headed. We write the words here and then Nina and I double-check for kindness, logic and humility

This article is how we see it. It is sure to have holes but it answered enough for us to go forward with the feedback that nature provided us and have found that there is a grand and perfect plan for us and everyone on Earth. It was as easy as looking under our skin, at a plant growing or even in the letters and numbers.

We are totally in love, fearless and peaceful. We want to share this with you, the reader, and hear your feedback. The rest of the page links have the details and info for anyone to get comfortable too. 

We feel that everything is perfect. Our bodies and our reasons for being here too. We see evidence of that in every thing, thought, word, book, TV show, song or world event. We feel the evidence is clear and shows we are in a cycle that is in it's 3rd phase. The Proof of Everything series will aim to answer all the questions above and many more: 

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.

Please join our movement and get access to all of our writing, podcasts and live discussions at:
Wisdom Warriors University
"where we lead leaders to lead"